Transport Innovation Challenge_DL (4707)

Contact Person :Prof. dr. Ariane CUENEN
Coordinating lecturer :Prof. dr. Ariane CUENEN 
Member of the teaching team :Prof. dr. Elke HERMANS 
 De heer Ward BELET 

Language of instruction : English

Exam contract: not possible

   No sequentiality

Degree programmeStudy hoursCreditsP2 SBUP2 SP2nd Chance Exam1Tolerance2Final grade3
part 2 Master of Transportation Sciences (by distance learning)Compulsory1626,01626,0YesYesNumerical

1   examination regulations art.1.3, section 4.
2   examination regulations art.4.7, section 2.
3   examination regulations art.2.2, section 3.

SBU : course load SP : ECTSN : DutchE : English