Quantum theory of molecules and materials (4897)

Contact Person :Prof. dr. Milos NESLADEK
Coordinating lecturer :Prof. dr. Milos NESLADEK 
Co-lecturer :dr. Abhishek SHUKLA 
 Prof. dr. Filippo MORINI 

Language of instruction : English

   Advising sequentiality bound on the level of programme components

It is advised that this course is taken in tandem with specialisation courses '4908 Quantum sensors for cross-disciplinary fields', '4909 Advanced quantum effects in biology', '4910 Quantum materials for breakthrough technologies'.

Degree programmeStudy hoursCreditsP1 SBUP1 SP2nd Chance Exam1Tolerance2Final grade3
2nd year Master of Materiomics traject opleidingsonderdelenOptional813,0813,0YesYesNumerical

1   Education, Examination and Legal Position Regulations art.12.2, section 2.
2   Education, Examination and Legal Position Regulations art.16.9, section 2.
3   Education, Examination and Legal Position Regulations art.15.1, section 3.

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